Value Added services

Our comprehensive suite of services allow you to grow your brand’s retail presence with a peace of mind.

Programme Management

BDA offers project management services to give you a peace of mind at every step of your brand’s roll out.

Metal works Manufacturing and Powder Coating

We use automation to provide you with high quality retail fixtures and fittings.

Global Logistics and Distribution

With our extensive network, you can be assured of on-time delivery no matter where in the world your retail store is located.

Materials Specialist

From carbon fiber to glass beads and more, we provide high quality materials that suit your brand needs.

On-site Services

We provide on-site personnel to supervise and deliver the installation of your brand anywhere.


To truly provide a one-stop solution to our customers, we provide sourcing solutions for your retail needs such as paper bags, hangars, and more. We keep the store opening process easy and convenient. Visit our online shop now for more information

Value added service

Value Engineering

Our innovative ways maintain your brand’s integrity while reducing costs as you roll out your brand worldwide.