Who we are

BDA is a one-stop retail solutions provider, encompassing a suite of products and services, from retail concept development, visual merchandising, to fixtures and mannequin production, sourcing, program management, and global distribution. 

Innovative retail solutions

We flex our creativity to provide customised solutions each time.

Industry expertise

We have almost two decades of insights and expertise that we would love to share with you.

Global footprint

We are a 360º retail solutions provider with worldwide resources.

Advanced technology

We utilise advanced technologies for optimal results.

Our Vision

Making professional retail solutions accessible and easy for all levels of retailers.

Our Mission

To provide retail solutions of good quality and good value to help our customers realise their best retail potential.

One-stop Retail Solutions Provider with Integrated Capabilities

Our specialised functions ensure that all your retail needs are fully met.

Integrated Facilities

With the opening of our Yangjiang factory in 2020,  BDA further cements our foothold and expertise in manufacturing and providing for retailers needs in China and the world. The 20,000m facility integrates manufacturing, production and warehousing capabilities in one for greater efficiency.

Design Services

Dedicated to providing brand consistency and design solutions, top international brands have continuously placed their confidence in us.

Mannequins Development

Well experienced in the development and production of quality mannequins, we enable you to showcase the individualistic essence of your brand.

Global Distribution

With our extensive network, you can be assured of on-time delivery no matter where in the world your retail store is located.

One-stop Shop

One-stop online shop for your brand's retail needs just a convenient click away.

Materials Specialist

From carbon fiber to glass beads and more, we supply a diverse range of industries with specialised, quality composite materials.

BDA Cares

Caring for our environment and people is at the forefront of our business.


We have a responsibility to our environment, and that is why we take great care to ensure that we reuse, recycle and reduce where we can. This includes refurbishing retail fixtures as furniture.

The BDA Family

At BDA, we recognise and value the individual contributions our people make and work hard to treat one another fairly, compassionately and respectfully.

Project Bonafide

Formed in 2011 as a way for a few like-minded working adults to make a difference, Project Bonafide Hearts is our way of giving back to the community.